The Savvy Business Traveler: 7 Tips for Winning Trips


By Ralph DiGennaro

Important business trips, especially those to Europe, Asia or other distant shores, are difficult enough without having to worry about getting there. But with a few choice tips and key reminders—the simple things we too often forget—you Masters of the Universe out there can be sure that the lofty title extends to successful sojourns as well.

1)  Exchange Currency Beforehand and Save

Exchange American dollars for Euros or the currency of the country you’re traveling to on business at a local bank for better rates. Even better, if you’re in a major city that may have a foreign bank (Italy, France or Britain, for example) exchange a few hundred dollars there, but be sure to have at least $100 in U.S. currency broken down in smaller denominations for cab rides to your hotel and tipping upon arrival. You’ll also be tipping the porter later on.


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