11 Easy Tips To Save Money on Gasoline

Vehicle Maintenance

The combustion engine is under a lot of scrutiny right now. For one, it is pretty clear that our continuous use of fossil fuels is not doing the environment much good. This is particularly the case when you consider air quality. Air pollution is a serious problem for many cities, and it is unquestionably exaggerated by our extensive use of motor vehicles that run on gasoline.

It is not only the environment that is at risk, however. Gasoline is expensive. In fact, the cost of gasoline is probably one of the most common concerns for motorists everywhere in the world, perhaps with the exception of a few places. Cars are expensive to run, and as oil prices soar, so does the price at the pump.

In an effort to rescue both the environment and your wallet, here is a list of 11 ways in which you might decrease your gas consumption and save money. Some of these cost saving ideas are remarkably simple, while others require a bit more planning. Of course, if you want to stop being reliant on gasoline totally, you should buy an electric vehicle, ride a bicycle, or walk.

1) Ensure vehicle maintenance

One of the single most important things you can do to conserve fuel is to make sure your vehicle is maintained properly. This includes everything that is likely to be included in regular services like tune-ups, tire alignment, and air filters. If your vehicle is not properly serviced, then it will not be running at its most efficient, and the consequence of that is you will be using a lot more fuel. For example, a flawed oxygen sensor can impact up to 40% on fuel consumption. It may be expensive to get your vehicle to a mechanic, but it will cost you a lot more money in gasoline to run it in a poor condition.


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