9 Highest Starting Salary Jobs with a 4 Year Degree


When picking a career path in college, everyone wants to make top-dollar straight out of his or her bachelor degree program. There are endless possibilities of professions that can be attained with only a 4 year degree, however, they vary just as much in earning potential. Here are the top nine 4 year degrees that earn the most right out of the gate.

1) Engineering

Although engineering has tons of sub-categories and just as many careers tucked under its umbrella, it fills the number one slot. While careers range from mechanical engineering to civil engineering, to petroleum engineering, and even to computer engineering, the range of salaries remains semi-consistent and averages out to a number that is highly favorable among aspiring engineers. Being highly based on math and science, engineering is not meant for everyone. However, since there are so many branches, many people can find a job that fits them. Being an engineer means making something new from existing concepts or materials that can make a difference in the world. Starting salaries vary across the fields, but average to a starting salary of $80,000 a year. For those that want the very highest paying engineering jobs then the one to look into is petroleum engineering, which makes a starting salary of at least $100,000 the first year.


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