23 Real Sweepstakes Winners

Who has never dreamed of becoming a millionaire? Statista.com reports that over 8 billion dollars were spent on lotto tickets back in 2016 and we only assume that number will continue to grow. Unfortunately, many people, often those who can least afford it, lose a lot of money buying all those tickets. Luckily, there are free alternatives. Online sweepstakes cost nothing and offer huge payouts for the lucky ones. Winloot.com is a great example. Winloot offers people the opportunity to win dozens of huge cash prizes daily, with payouts as big as $1,000,000! Winloot was kind enough to share pictures of some of their winners with us, so we are sharing them with you. These people prove that dreaming of winning it big doesn’t have to cost you a penny!

1) Patrick Acker

A giant prize deserves a giant check and boy does it feel good to hold a big check – just ask Patrick Acker, from Little Falls, New Jersey! He was the winner of quite a huge prize of $100,000. That kind of money can be life changing in a really great way. Imagine all the bills you can pay off with that and still have have a bunch of fun with what’s left over. And based on the smiles on the faces of these check-holders, they agree!

Patrick’s Winnings:
$100,000 winner on 08/31/16


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