9 Ways to Best Negotiate the Price on a Car


Buying a first or even a tenth car from a dealership can be a scary thought if the buyer is not a professional negotiator. Fortunately, it is the consumers who control the price through demand, and following the nine tips listed below will ensure confidence in your negotiation of the car you choose:

1) Research Possible Choices Before Entering the Dealership

Before you make the trip to the dealership to pick out the car that you have been dreaming of, you need to do some research so you are not blindsided and tricked into paying more than you should. Knowing what cars interest you and what you can get them for from other dealerships, as well as what the true ticket value is, can provide a key asset in negotiation. If you know these things, you make a confident offer and stand firm in it knowing it is a fair deal. Another thing to research before going to the dealership is what sort of financing options are available to you. Dealerships make most of their money off of the interest that comes from car payments, and so knowing what sort of payments you have available to you from a third party gives you the ability to negotiate down to a lower interest rate, saving you some money.


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