11 Weird Inventions that Made People Rich

If you subscribe to the old adage that there is nothing so great as an idea whose time has come, then you probably believe that great wealth is not out of the realm of possibility. Indeed, even a simple idea can turn an ordinary working man or woman into a millionaire, frequently in a surprisingly short amount of time. Every entrepreneur, inventor and out-of-the-box creative mind wants to hit upon the next big thing that will make them rich. For your entertainment and inspiration, here are 10 inventions and inventors who did just that:

1) Pillow Pets

Chances are you have seen the commercial for these stuffed animal/pillow hybrids at least once. Now widely available in retail stores across the country, the idea for this creation started with the young son of Pillow Pet inventor Jennifer Telfer. Telfer explained that her son once had a stuffed animal that became so flattened he used it as a pillow. The transformation inspired Telfer to create a line of stuffed animals that could easily be expanded into a pillow or folded back into a stuffed animal. The idea took off, and today Telfer has expanded this invention into her own company called CJ Products. Along with Pillow pets, Telfer’s company now manufactures several other popular toys, making the initial idea of a Pillow Pet a hugely profitable invention for the mother and entrepreneur.


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