10 International Locations Where Beachfront Property Is Cheap!


So you’ve been watching your dollars and saving your cents and you finally have enough of a nest egg to invest in a property abroad and finally live the dream of owning your very own slice of beachfront heaven.
You may not be able to afford to live on the coast or, even better, own a second home on one of the most popular beaches in the US but the chances are you’ll be able to pick up a good little investment property in one of these international locations.

Read on for 10 international locations where you can buy beachfront property cheaply.

1) Panama

The cost of living in Panama is not especially low, especially in Panama City but the exceptional beachfront properties available on the Pacific West Coast more than make up for the extra daily costs. Some parts of the Panamanian Coast have been nationalized in recent years so properties are in high demand and yet prices appear to remain stable. Anyone who’s visited Panama’s coastline knows the scenery is a bit hit-and-miss but head to Veraguas, Comarca Kuna Yala, Las Perlas Archipelago or one of the thousands of tropical islands that line Panama’s coast for the real white sand and turquoise waters experience. As well as having pockets of incredible coastline Panama is 40 percent jungle and home to an incredible array of wildlife, some of which cannot be found anywhere else on earth.


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