9 Worst Phone Scams You Need to Know


Scams have always existed, however as technology has grown, scammers have found new ways to defraud us. Americans are unique in that we are relatively distrusting, and yet we are more willing than any other country to reveal everything about ourselves. Our sense of freedom to say and express whatever we want opens us up to people willing to expose our greatest attribute for one purpose—money.

Following are phone scams you need to know about. Some of these are old favorites most of us laugh about as being so ridiculous, who would fall for that one, right? While others are unique and lesser known. They all have two things in common though. They are out to take you for everything you will give them, and people are still falling for these scams.

1) Phishing

Phishing is when someone contacts you through phone calls to find out a little about you. The most comprehensive of these scams is a series of calls over several weeks and even months that seem to have no relevance to each other. However, what these scammers are doing is finding out critical information a little bit at a time while seeming entirely genuine.

What the scammers are looking for is personal information. I am not necessarily talking about a social security number or bank account. They may ask you twenty questions about an upcoming political election, although there are only three questions they really want to know, what is your household income? If you are single, married, and do you have kids? And, do you work from home? The last question is a tricky one because they won’t ask you outright. They will simply say what industry do you work in. Most people who work from home will volunteer this information with the question being asked. This tells the scammer that if you make enough then your house is worth prowling. It also tells them the dynamics of your family, when kids will be at school, and when you will be at work.

A series of other calls from “car dealers,” “local charities,” and “lawn care specialists” will verify information and set up meeting times to find and view your house and property. It’s an elaborate set up to break into your home and disappear without you having a clue.


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