9 Worst Industries for Employment for the Future

gold and silver

The future is so very uncertain. To be diligent in the development of a personal career, knowing the trends of an industry is important knowledge in order to avoid those industries that are destined to decline. Therefore, for the sake of taking charge of what the future will hold, here are nine of the worst industries for the future.

1) Gold and Silver Mining

When it comes to the value of silver and gold there is a lot to be uncertain of. When the economy is in a state of deflation, gold does not gain any extra value. Precious metals are only a safety net for economies that are currently inflating. There are so many people that are losing money by thinking gold and silver will skyrocket if the stock market tanks, hoping that they are buying into a safe hedge against their long positions. However, while there might be a short-term spike in gold and silver, they will not hold up well in a deflationary environment. Instead, the U.S. dollar will appreciate. In the very long term, when whole industries reduce their debt on a global scale and natural growth returns, inflation will become excessive, which should lead gold and silver to record highs.


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