9 Ways to Train Your Mind To Make You Wealthy

If you want to make or save more money, one of the most powerful tools you have is your mind. When you change your mindset in various small and large ways, you’ll find it much easier to save money. You’ll also find it easier to put money away instead of splurging on unwanted items. However, as anyone who’s ever tried to break a bad habit knows, it can be tough to change your behavior and your mindset. It takes lots of dedication, but it can still be done. By using some simple tips and tricks, you can change the way your mind thinks about money. If you’re looking for ways to start saving more, here are nine ways to train your brain to make you wealthier.

1) Money Doesn’t Motivate Your Brain

One thing many people don’t realize is money itself isn’t a motivator for your brain. Money is what’s known in psychology as a “secondary reinforcer.” Money is important to us because it’s used to purchase “primary rewards,” like food, water, and shelter. These primary rewards are what truly motivate your brain. When you’re saving money, it’s very important that you give your mind a concrete goal to save for. This goal doesn’t have to be a primary reward. You can also get your mind excited about using your money to buy a secondary reward; something that makes you happy. For example, maybe you really want to buy a boat. If so, keep visualizing this boat, and keep reminding yourself this is what you’re saving for. Having this motivation will make it much easier for you to save money.


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