9 Ways to Slash Your Winter Heating Bills

air coming in

Keeping the heat on all throughout the winter can cost big bucks. Most people would love to save as much as they can by winterizing their home against the elements.

Here are 9 ways to slash your winter heating bills.

1) Do something about the air coming in through exterior holes

Most people don’t realize the amount of pipes that go from inside to outside their home. Well, those pipes are often run through your exterior walls in holes that are bigger than the pipes themselves. When this happens, the builder or whoever is working on your home, typically seals the holes up with caulk. That works for a while but eventually it cracks, peels, and falls apart, leaving your home exposed to the outside air. A better product to seal these holes is expanding foam. Spray the foam around the exposed holes and cold air will stay out while your heating bill stays down.


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