9 Ways to Make Money with Your Car


Owning a car is seen as a liability to many since a car quickly loses its value once it is purchased. However, for savvy vehicle-owners, their car can easily become a giant dollar sign on wheels once they’ve discovered its full value.

Here are 9 ways to make money with your car.

1) Easy To Rent Your Car When Not Using It

You’ve heard of renting out your home online to vacationers, right? Well you can do the same with your car. With services like Car Next Door and RelayRides, you can rent out your car for a day, week, or even a month. Need to make some extra money and okay with taking the bus for a while? This is a perfect opportunity for you.

You can even decide where the drop off and return happens. If someone is renting your car for just a day, have them pick it up at 8am when you get to work and return it at 5pm when you’re walking out of the building.


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