9 Ways to Make Money as a Home Town Tour Guide

Americans are a proud people from all corners of the globe. We’re fiercely proud of our history and the towns and cities we’ve built along the way. Do you enjoy showing off where you live to out of town friends or family? Have you ever considered making money doing something you really enjoy? Why not get paid to show people around your neck of the woods? You don’t just need to think about sandals, fanny packs and cranky kids either. Thanks to social media you can target the clientèle you want to cater to. For example, anyone familiar with big cities like Manhattan or Los Angeles could entertain tourists or business people and make some decent money in the process. Here are 9 ways to make money as a tour guide in your home town.

1) Shiroube

Recent growth in business travelers who need help getting around on unfamiliar ground have given rise to sites like Shiroube, where you can sign up to be a guide in your area. Specializing in another language could also be a great asset as well. Some visitors might need an interpreter they can trust to provide them with a care free experience, free from the worry of being misled or ripped off. Shiroube matches you with potential clients and leaves it up to you to negotiate your fees. Shiroube is big in Europe and Asia and they are currently building their U.S. market, so this is a ground floor opportunity. You can make your own schedule and it’s a great way to either supplement your income or go full throttle and make yourself the “go to” guide in your area.


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