9 Ways to Be Your Own Boss

Skilled Services

Surely everyone has fantasized about telling the boss to take his job and…well, you know. You want to let the man fend for himself, strike out on your own and be your own boss. Before you decide to reap the joys of self-employment and maybe even working from home, you have to ask yourself a question and answer it honestly:

Do I have the hustle?

You either have ambition or you don’t. It can’t be instilled in you. It’s just there and it’s what drives you to hustle and work hard to make a better life. If you’ve ever fantasized about working for yourself, consider these nine ways to be your own boss. And just go for it.

1. Skills To Pay The Bills

Make a list of your skills and put a star by the ones you enjoy doing the most. Are you good with your hands? Can you fix anything that breaks around the house? Our skills are what set us apart from the herd and skilled tradespeople are always in demand. You’re probably already a handyman for your family, neighbors or friends, so start charging for your services. Keep your day job and become a handyman, carpenter, painter or mechanic afterhours and on weekends. Get a phone book and see if your city is already saturated by people who have the same skills, then decide whether there’s enough potential business to support one more.


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