9 Ways Successful People Are More Efficient


In an increasingly fast and changing world of business, strategies and practices of effective people are always under a microscope. Their habits are examined and shared in hopes of setting standards and pushing people to exceed standards already in place.There are nine efficiency habits that seem to really be present in the most successful people. These include:

1) Focus

Laser focus on a task does not constitute efficiency. In fact, people can be laser focused on an outcome, know every intricate detail of a new program or product, and still not practice efficiency. In order to become successful, and more importantly remain successful, focus must be aimed on the “how” and not the “what”. How can a task be completed, or how can a product become developed in the most efficient way? Focus cannot solely be on the outcome; process must outweigh outcome. What process needs to be followed to save time, develop quickly, and become the best? Process trumps product!


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