9 Tips and Tricks for Working Moms


Raising kids is no easy task. Throw a full time job into the mix, and a whirlwind of organizing, running, and micromanaging everything ensues. Full time moms with full time jobs manage to pull off miracles when it comes to putting it all together. Below is a list of the top nine tricks used by working moms.

1)   The Power of the Crock Pot

No working mom can fully function without the crockpot. Putting dinner in the crockpot at night before bed and then getting up for work and turning it on can save an hour or two in the evenings, which is typically when pure chaos erupts. When kids have to be run in 23 different directions, and homework has to be completed, and science projects need shopped for, a crock pot meal is a blessing in disguise. It saves about an hour of prep time, and it reduces the amount of clean up that has to occur after dinner. All and all, it will save about an hour and a half in the evenings. Get really creative, and during clean up, use the leftovers to pack for lunches the next day and free up an additional half hour of lunch packing time.


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