9 Secrets To Making Retirement Healthy, Happy & Exciting!


By Becky Gaunt

Studies in the United States, Germany, and Great Britain revealed that happiness typically peaks when we are very young and again when we are in retirement. Given the amount of planning and preparation it takes to truly retire, one would certainly hope that is the case! Most retirees leave the stresses of full-time work behind. They also have more reasonable expectations in life, and are more comfortable with who they are. A study in Great Britain showed the highest levels of happiness from people who were married, partially employed, and religious. Whether that describes you or not, there are 9 things you must do to ensure a great retirement.

1) Don’t Totally Quit Working

Most retirees are thrilled to get away from the grind of a full-time job and the stress of the accompanying responsibilities. However, many people who identified heavily with their chosen profession experience depression when they stop working completely. Studies have shown higher levels of satisfaction from people who pick up part-time work or do consulting in their former field. Sometimes retirees are thrilled to get away from their old job, but have difficulty balancing such a huge jump in free time. They also can find happiness in part-time work in another field or by volunteering, which helps to create a sense of self purpose. There is a huge difference between having to work and choosing to do something you enjoy. Working also helps develop social networks, an important facet in maintaining a happy retirement.


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