9 Things Successful People do Before 9:00 AM


The morning hours are some of the most beneficial hours of the day that you can take advantage of, yet they are also often the most squandered. If you are searching for a new way to put the sunrise hours to use, take a look at these nine things successful people do before 9:00 AM:

1) They Exercise

The morning hours are a great time to get in a few reps of your workout, and doing so can provide a great boost of energy to start your day on. Rather than pushing back exercise until it ends up not even getting done, make it a habit to start your morning out with a light workout. CEOs Ursula Burns, Frits Van, and Steve Murphy are all known for their morning workout routines, and they stick to them religiously. Even if you aren’t quite successful enough yet yourself to own your own home gym, a short jog or a few pushups can be all it takes to get your day started off on a productive and energetic note. Sometimes, this simple act can be all that it takes to give you a refreshed and positive attitude that carries on throughout the entire day.


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