9 Discounts Seniors Get Only If They Know

Get a Room

Embrace your retirement, senior citizen! It’s been a long time coming. There are some serious perks for seniors and you should take advantage of them all. One of the biggest perks that is often overlooked is the senior discount. Did you know that most retailers, restaurants, parks, public transportation and hotels offer discounts to retirees or people of a certain age? Here’s the catch: You don’t get the discounts unless YOU ASK for them. It’s sort of a secret, like speaking a code word at the door of a speakeasy. The code you should know is a simple question: “Do you offer a senior discount?”

1) Get a Room

Clarion, Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge, Motel 6, Best Western & Marriott
If all that cheap eating and shopping has made you weary, choose a hotel and settle in for the night. Yep, your senior status gets you a reasonable room rate at many hotels, motels and inns. Clarion, Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge and Motel 6 will leave the light on for people 60 and over for 10 percent less than the younger set pays. At Best Western establishments, guests who are at least 55 receive 10 percent off, while Marriott’s discount is 15 percent off for guests who are 62 or older. Hyatt’s rate can go down up to 50 percent if you’re at least 62, and Quality Inn cuts up to 30 percent off for people 60 and older.


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