9 Discounts Seniors Need To Know About in 2018

You may not consider turning 50 years old to qualify you as a senior. In fact, many people don’t associate the words “senior citizen” with their age until they turn the magic number: 65. While this is the typical retirement age, it doesn’t mean you have to wait before you start reaping the benefits of being a senior. There are an increasing number of companies who have started catering their services to folks who are 50 and up. Read on to discover the 9 discounts for those 50 and older and educate yourself on the savings you can take advantage of as soon as you hit the big 5-0!

1) Chain Restaurants

Chain restaurant and fast food joints are famous for senior discounts.
Country Kitchen
Carrows Restaurant
and KFC all offer discounts of some sort to those who are between the ages of 52-55. Many other chain restaurants like
Waffle House
and White Castle start offering freebies or coupons to those 60 or older. You’ll have a lot more restaurant discount options if you shell out for the AARP membership. Some chains only work with AARP, or give AARP members a discount who are under 55 even if their normal senior discount age is older. In any case, even if you’re not an AARP member, who can still start enjoying cheaper meals at a variety of establishments.Remember: if you’re an AARP member you will receive a discount at all these places and many more at the age of 50.


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