9 Risks You Take Without Having Health Insurance


By Amanda Morgan

Health insurance is a difficult subject and one that many people do not like to think about, but it’s a fact that it is necessary in today’s world. Often it can become a financial burden and seem unnecessary. However, there are many benefits to maintaining health insurance that include having lower costs at the doctors office, to having access to preventative medical care, and preventing illness as a result. Learn about the chances you take if you opt to not get health insurance. Here are 9 risks you take without having health insurance.

1) Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a common problem people face when they do not have health insurance. In 2007, the American Journal of Medicine claimed that over 60% of the bankruptcies filed in the United states were due to medical costs. People tend to believe that they will always be healthy and nothing bad will happen to them or the ones they love. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws curve balls at people and they are forced to face unexpected medical complications or situations. These situations can be expensive for the uninsured. If medical costs continue to build and a person is unable to pay it, they may be forced to claim bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is one more risk people must be concerned with when making the decision to not get health insurance.


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