9 Reasons Why Millennials are the Most Productive Generation


By Amanda Weiss

As is a pattern of history, older generations look down upon the newer ones. Specifically, the Millennial generation has often been called lazy, entitled, and narcissistic. Millennials are quite different from past generations, in terms of technological know-how and attitudes. These differences can make it difficult for older generations to understand how Millennials work best. Yet Millennials do not actually tend to exhibit the negative traits of which they are accused. In fact, many are well-suited for great careers in various areas of the workforce. Here are some of the traits that explain 9 reasons why Millennials are the most productive generation.

1) They are Willing to Try New Things

There is no doubt that Millennials have grown up in a time of change. They have been the first to work with new technologies and newer educational mindsets. They have seen the advantages that new programs and techniques have over the old. Therefore, they tend to be open to trying new ways of doing things. Considering that they have had access to a greater variety of information sources and resources than past generations, they will do what they can to find the best ones. This can be extremely beneficial to businesses and employers. Millennials will find more efficient ways of doing things because they try out new things as they come along. While older generations may stick to the method they are familiar with, Millennials look towards the future. As technologies improve, Millennials are on the front line, trying them out.


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