9 Reasons You Should Join a Warehouse Club

cheap gas

Warehouse clubs aren’t just about large quantities of paper products anymore. They can provide other perks, such as health insurance, cheap gas and car repair services at much cheaper rates than elsewhere. Warehouse clubs are becoming an all-encompassing outlet of sorts offering pharmacies, vacation packages, and much, much more. So, enjoy the read and get ready to run to your nearest Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s for a shopping experience you never expected.

1) Super Cheap Gas

Gas prices are low now compared to years past, but they do fluctuate a lot. If you have ever driven by a warehouse club or two, you have likely seen a number of gas pumps outside. Those gas pumps are for club members. How cheap could they actually be when you are only paying $2.25 at your local gas station? Well, if you are paying $2.25 at your local gas station, club members are probably paying less than two dollars for their gas.

You won’t know exactly what they are charging unless you are a member, and even then you won’t know unless you are at the pump. However, it doesn’t matter because regardless of what they are charging, the people with memberships are saving hundreds of dollars a year in just gas. That alone is a good reason to become a member.


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