9 Places to Own a Retirement Home for Under $100,000!

After retiring from a career, many people decide to search for a new city to live in. Most retired people look for a city where the cost of living is low but there are still plenty of great amenities. There are lots of cities where you can find these two things throughout the United States. US News put together a list of cities where the median home-sale price is less than $100,000 and we decided to do a little research to give you a taste of what to expect in these places. The cities all offer plenty of charm, lots of fun things to do, and affordable costs of living. If you’re looking for your perfect retirement home, check out one of these nine cities and towns that are all great for retirees.

1) Alpena, Michigan

Alpena, Michigan is a very affordable city for retirees to live in. In 2010, the median home-sale price here was just $58,600. Alpena is right on Lake Huron, and it’s a nature lover’s paradise. You can spend your days exploring Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary by boat, or you can fish in Lake Huron. You can also check out the cute Alpena Lighthouse. Or, you can go learn more about your new home at Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan. Plus, Alpena has a dark sky preserve park where you’ll be able to see an amazing number of stars. You’ll also find plenty of delicious restaurants, including cute local coffee shops and fun bars and grills. Alpena has just 10,000 residents, making it easy to get to know all of your new neighbors.


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