9 Places In Canada to Own A Retirement Home For Under $100,000!

Canada is a beautiful country with many different amenities for retirees. The country has plenty of options for outdoor lovers, amazing museums and arts scenes, and world-class hospitals. While Canada is lovely, buying a home there can get a bit expensive, especially if you’re looking in a big city. If you venture outside Canada’s cities, though, you’ll find small towns with affordable costs of living. Throughout Canada’s provinces, you’ll see many small towns that offer lots of fun things to do in retirement at a low cost. In these towns, you’ll be able to find great homes for very low prices. If you want to buy a retirement home in Canada without breaking your budget, head to one of these nine towns.

1) Good Spirit Lake, Saskatchewan

If you’re hoping to spend your retirement lounging on a warm white sand beach, head to Good Spirit Lake in Saskatchewan. In this lovely lakeside town, you’ll find cottages starting from $50,000 CAD. In the summers, you can go for a swim in the warm lake water; the temperature of the lake reaches up to 77°F in the height of summer. You can also simply spend your days relaxing on the sand. Or, you can try your luck fishing in the lake. If you love golfing, head to the Good Spirit Golf Resort to play a few rounds of eighteen holes. There’s are also some delicious casual restaurants in Good Spirit Lake where you can grab a bite to eat. At Good Spirit Lake, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing, beachside lifestyle.


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