9 Common Interview Questions

something about yourself

If you’ve ever applied for a job, chances are you had to go for an interview. How you behave during an interview is crucial: give the wrong answer or the wrong impression, and you don’t get the job. The funny thing is, though, that people often aren’t able to judge how well, or badly they’ve done. Sometimes you think you do really well and you don’t get offered the job. Other times you’re convinced that you came across poorly, and you get the position.

Potential employers often want to find that particularly ‘tricky’ question that will single out the best candidates. At the same time, there are certain questions that are common across most job interviews. In an effort to help you with your search for employment, here’s a list of nine of the common questions you’re likely to be asked at a job interview.

1) Can you tell me something about yourself?

This is one of the top questions most interviewers will ask, and is likely to be one of the first ones that you’ll have to answer. You need to remember why the interviewers are asking this question. They want to have an idea of who you are, as an employee, rather than whether you are an award winning poker player—unless it impacts directly on your job performance. The best way to approach this is to tell people about your education, professional history and experience, and keep the personal stuff to a minimum. Always remember, most interviewers want to know if you’re someone who fits in with the job description and their organization; not whether they’d like to go to a movie with you.


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