9 Modern Devices Baby Boomers Grew Up Without


By Ann Sullivan

The birth years of Baby Boomers varies slightly by definition. However, generally, they began with the end of World War II and end around 1960. After the war, there was a rise in birth rates in the U.S. Hence, the title of Baby Boomer. Some may look back and think of their childhood years as a much simpler time. If someone had a home office, it usually consisted of a desk, telephone and perhaps a typewriter. Bills were paid either in person or by check in the mail. Coffee was made by boiling water and leftovers heated up in a frying pan. If someone needed to change the television channel, they had to walk up to the set to do so. Many modern conveniences simply hadn’t been invented or popularized yet.

1) Automatic Coffee Maker

Even though the Mr. Coffee automatic drip machine was invented in 1972, most households didn’t have one until later in the decade. Percolators or manual drip coffee pots using boiled water were the norm for most baby boomer households. Percolators were known for making very bitter coffee because they overcooked and burned the coffee beans. Maxwell House Instant Coffee became popular between 1945 and 1960 to make a quick cup of coffee. There were no Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Most people had coffee at a diner or coffee shop if they chose to have a cup out. By 1996, three quarters of American households were using an automatic coffee maker. Nowadays, there are abundant choices for making home brewed coffee. Everything from single serve brewers to espresso machines and an array of automatic drip makers are on the market, and most households have at least one of them.


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