9 Jobs That Require Great Physical Conditioning

Most jobs can cause some physical pain. Even desk jobs can put significant strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. However, there are some jobs that are much more physically intense than others and require their employees to be in top physical condition with continuous workout regimens. These jobs require intense physical labor, continuing improvement of one’s own body and health, and regular physical conditioning to keep in optimal shape to maintain or increase job performance and prevent injury. These jobs are not for everyone. If, however, you are the type that likes to stay in shape, here are 9 jobs that may be of interest.

1) Military Personnel

The United States military has some of the most demanding physical conditioning requirements for any career. Each military service member must undergo intense physical training before they can graduate boot camp, including 10 weeks of training for the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). During basic training, each candidate will be put through serious workout regimens to prepare for the specific number of push-ups and sit-ups and the timed 2-mile run required for passing the PFT. Once they pass basic training, military personnel are still required to stay in top shape through workouts designed by physical training leaders. Depending on one’s job and unit in the military, he or she may be required to complete daily workouts to stay in shape, with an occasional rest day.


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