9 Professions That Will Be In Demand In The Future

Mental Health Counselor

When you imagine the workplace of the future, what comes to mind? While it’s easy to envision a world of robots taking our places in cubicles and along assembly lines, one indisputable fact remains: there will always be the need for skilled workers of the human variety. Skin, brains and bones are, not yet anyway, obsolete. As one might expect, technology positions will see rapid growth in 2015 and beyond, with start-ups leading the way in new job creation. But this isn’t the only good news in the American workforce; similarly there is an increasing demand for skilled men (and women) like homebuilders, stone masons and glassworkers as older employees in those industries retire and the construction sector bounces back. So which fields have the best future career outlook? Here are nine of the top choices for steady jobs here in the 21st Century.

1) Mental Health Counselor

Mental disorders are increasingly in the public eye, as is the need for well-trained medical care workers and accessible preventative services. It’s no wonder, then, that the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 36.3% increase in mental health counseling jobs by 2020. More insurance companies are offering coverage for mental health programs as part of their standard benefits, and in turn are providing reimbursement for mental health counseling. It’s also a viable, less expensive alternative to psychiatrists and psychologists, making it more desirable in the eyes of insurers.


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