9 Highest Paying Jobs with a High School Diploma



8) Petroleum Pump System Operator

In the world today, some of the highest paying jobs across the board are those in the oil and gas industry. With such high premiums placed on this valuable resource, extracting it from the earth is a job that oil drilling operations take quite seriously, and they are willing to pay their employees well for effective efficiency. One of the best careers in this field is a position as a petroleum pump system operator. If you manage to land a spot in this job, you can expect to receive an average annual salary of $60,730 a year. As a petroleum pump system operator, your job will be to control the manifold and pumping systems that are used to extract oil and natural gas from the ground, as well as potentially taking on responsibilities such as regulating the flow of oil into pipelines. It’s not the most relaxed job on the list, but it is a well-paid career in one of the world’s most powerful industries.


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