9 Highest Paying Jobs with a High School Diploma



6) Locomotive Engineer

You may not be able to become a mechanical or an electrical engineer without a college degree, but you can certainly become a locomotive engineer! While the jobs share a similar name, the responsibilities are actually quite different. Fortunately, the pay of a locomotive engineer is on par with most any engineering career—jobs that frequent the lists of most lucrative careers to pursue. On average, locomotive engineers bring in an average of $55,000 a year. As a locomotive engineer, your job description will be to operate electric, diesel, or gas-turbine trains, transporting either passengers or freight (or both) to various destinations via one of the oldest forms of transportation still around. Without a doubt, if you were a kid that grew up fascinated with trains, operating one (and getting paid $55,000 a year to do so) may be an excellent career for you to consider.


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