9 Highest Paying Jobs with a High School Diploma



3)  Underwater Welder

Do you enjoy scuba diving? If so, you may want to consider a career as an underwater welder. Not only do underwater welders get to enjoy all the thrill of diving down into the depths, they also get to melt steel together while they’re down there. If you think that sounds difficult, you are right. Not many people are cut out for a career in underwater welding, but those who are get to cash in on a median annual salary of $54,750 a year, with the top percentile making $93,000 a year or more. As an underwater welder, your job will be to repair and construct the submerged portions of structures such as bridges and offshore oil rigs. Though you will have to get your dive license to qualify for this job, as well as be in peak physical condition with a bit of a flare for danger, no college degree is necessary.


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