9 Highest Paying Jobs with a High School Diploma



In our competitive world, having a college degree is quickly becoming more important. Unfortunately, the cost of attending college is unattainable for many. Fortunately, there are some excellent paying jobs that can be acquired with just a high school diploma. Depending on your skill set, intelligence and, in some cases, personality, there are a variety of options open. Some will offer on the job training, which is a way to learn a trade  or skill and get an education at the expense of the company, rather than your own.  If college isn’t for you, here are nine jobs that you may want to consider.

1) Postal Carrier

That’s right, your mailman is making a very comfortable living. On average, postal carriers for the United States Postal Service earn an impressive yearly salary of $52,000 a year. As a postal carrier, your job responsibilities will be to sort and deliver all of the mail and packages within your assigned district. While this may sound simple enough, the truth is that the job can actually be quite stressful. In fact, there is even an American slang term that originated from the profession called “going postal” that means becoming uncontrollably angry. Combine this with the fact that electronic communication continues to cripple the Postal Service’s revenue and the outlook of the job isn’t quite as promising as it would first seem. Still, the Postal Service isn’t going anywhere soon, and $52,000 a year is a nice salary for a job that can be attained by a high school graduate.


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