9 Highest Paying Jobs With a 2 Year Degree

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Despite what you might have heard, not every gold-mine job requires four years, or longer, in college to attain that coveted position. In fact, there are a large number of high-paying jobs that require only a 2 year Associate’s Degree. There are many choices of jobs that may be personally rewarding and fulfilling, in addition to being high paying. Plus, you can start sooner if you only need two years of education.  If you want to earn maximum salary while putting in a minimal amount time in a classroom, here are nine of the highest paying jobs that only require a two-year degree:

1) Registered Nurse

If you feel a calling towards the field of general medicine but have always been scared away by the years upon years of schooling required to become a doctor, then perhaps you should consider a career as a registered nurse. Registered nurses work right alongside doctors in clinics and hospitals across the country, performing a number of crucial tasks such as facilitating patient care and serving to provide their patients and the public with important information regarding various health conditions. Often times, patients receive more treatment and information from a registered nurse than they do from their doctor. As a registered nurse, you can look forward to an abundance of jobs at various locations, a job security that is not dependent upon the current economy, as well an impressive median salary of $65,000 a year. Educational requirements vary from state to state. In many cases you need a minimum of a nursing diploma or a 2-year degree, but in all states you must pass a licensing exam. So, check with your state’s requirements before deciding on your educational direction.


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