9 Two Year Degrees Most In Demand By Employers

Sheet Metal Worker

Considering what degree to pursue? Wondering what courses can lead to work quickly and still earn a living wage? A lot of times when people consider a degree, they not only think about doing what they enjoy, they think about how quickly they will get a job. Those who are looking for a degree to get them into the workforce quickly while offering great earning potential need to look no further. Here is a list of the top 9 most in demand 2 year degrees that get graduates into the work force rapidly along with growth trends and salaries as reported by The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1) Sheet Metal Worker

Those who enjoy working with their hand can earn a great living as a sheet metal worker. A two-year program that trains sheet metal workers consists of apprenticeships and on the job training. While the construction industry is always growing, sheet metal workers are always in demand. These skilled labors must be able to make and maintain materials made of metal; they also have to know how to install them. Careers as a sheet metal worker can vary from working in construction to working in a factory that mass-produces products made of metal. Regardless of niche prospective metal workers chose to pursue, the demand for these skilled craftsman is on the rise, and the compensation for the skills is quite high, with an average of around $63,000 per year while some workers earn as much as $122,000.


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