9 Best Ways to Remain Active After Retirement


By Becky Gaunt

The expectations of retirement have changed drastically in the last few decades. People live longer, expect a higher quality of life, and retirement communities are being built around the clock to meet the expectations of retirees who intend to stay busy. In fact, to have a long and healthy retirement, it is essential to stay active physically and mentally. Doing so leads to less time in a doctor’s waiting room, more independence, and better mental health. A sedentary lifestyle correlates to more health problems, loneliness, and depression. So, as appealing as it might sound, planning to sit around the house and watch television might not be the best choice. Here are nine ways to stay active after retirement.

1) Embrace Your Hobbies

Many retirees pass the time by embracing their hobbies. They may find that retirement provides an opportunity to spend more time on the activities they have always loved. Sometimes retirement is the chance to find new hobbies. No longer held captive to the work week, gardeners can get out in the cool morning hours, cyclists can capitalize on non-peak trail times, and movie fanatics can binge their favorites. Many popular hobbies have clubs offering socialization in addition to a shared activity, so it is worth considering, whether there are local book, needlework, or hiking clubs. Some retirees embrace their hobbies so intensely that they move to communities based around them. In Florida, there are communities dedicated to stargazing and aviation. In Arizona, lovers of pickleball congregate. Texas even has a haven for the RV crowd.


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