9 Best US Cities To Find A New Job

When you’re searching for a new job, one of the first things you’ll want to decide is where to look for this position. With so many large cities in the United States, trying to decide where to start your search can be overwhelming. Before you start searching, it’s good to know where the best places to find jobs in the United States are. This can help you narrow down your search, and it can help direct you to places where you’ll have the best chance of finding a job that fits your background, education and skill-set. If you’re in the market for a new job, here are nine of the best places to look for a job in the United States.

1) Chandler, AZ

The website WalletHub chose Chandler, Arizona as the best city to find a new job in 2018. This Arizona city had the highest overall score of 67.66 out of 100. This score was calculated using 26 relevant metrics, including job opportunities, employment growth, job security, median annual income, the city’s unemployment rate, job satisfaction, industry variety, access to employee benefits, and more. In addition, Chandler has the highest employment growth of all the 180 cities looked at for WalletHub’s study. Chandler is an especially good place to move if you work in management or business and finance. There are also many opportunities in this city for people who work in retail trade, manufacturing, and healthcare. This Arizona city is full of opportunities for people who are searching for a great new job.


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