9 Best Places To Retire In Canada

Chosen for reasons such as their beauty, thriving senior populations, low crime rates, great sports and other entertainment opportunities, retirees will find these locations relaxing, but never boring! There are countless beautiful places to retire in Canada and all of them bring with them many different and unique benefits. Whether you’d like a taste of the cold, a somewhat moderate climate, mountain or water views, Canada has some amazing choices for retirees. Nature, beauty and great communities are among the places that await your retirement in Canada. Here are the top 9 places to retire in Canada.

1)  Moncton, New Brunswick

Those retirees who are looking for a taste of the cold Canada has to offer, but who like the sun, look no further than Moncton, New Brunswick.  While it does have cold winters, the sun shines all year long.  Moncton has more to offer than sunshine though; it is perfect for retirees who have grandchildren.  Moncton is home to Magic Mountain Water Park, a fantastic outdoor water park perfect for kids of all ages.   Moncton’s bilingual population invites those from both English and French speaking communities, and its affordable real estate makes it an attractive place for those wishing to retire.  Moncton’s best attraction for retirees is its health care facilities.  It has a reputation for some the best health care facilities in Canada.  This is a great perk for those wishing to spend their golden years in a place where health care is easily accessible.


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