9 Best Places in Nevada For Retirees

Many retirees are first attracted to Nevada due to the no state and inheritance tax. However, dig just a little below the surface and you’ll find that this state has a lot to offer. The desert lifestyle and climate appeals to many adventurous retirees who value an active lifestyle. The landscape is unique and extremely picturesque. National Parks intersect with walking and hiking trails to the many lakes and reservoirs providing relief from the hot temperatures. Real Estate can be pricey in this state, but thanks to the last housing crisis and the high foreclosure rates, it’s totally possible to snag an unreal deal on a great piece of property. Read on to discover the 9 best places to retire in Nevada.

1) Henderson

Active retirees who want to live a tranquil life close to the bright lights of Las Vegas will be completely content in Henderson. This city has a small-town feel while still offering retirees lots of activities. Additionally, one of the nation’s epicenters for fine-dining, entertainment, and nightlife is less than 20 miles away. For fit retirees, experiencing nature is a favorite past time. Henderson has the most parks and recreation facilities per resident than any other city in Nevada. Lake Mead, 30 minutes away, is a big local attraction for sport fishing, boating, and water skiing. As one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., Henderson has plenty of facilities to accommodate retirees with 3 hospitals and multiple active-adult residential communities.  The scenery here is also gorgeous. The vibrant desert landscape and snow-capped mountains further tempt residents to get out and explore the dozens of hiking trails.


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