9 Best Places in Maryland For Retirees

Florida isn’t the only place that folks are flocking to once they call it quits in the working world. Maryland is becoming a sought-after state for retirees who prefer to resettle somewhere charming, historic, and in proximity to the state’s many beaches and bays. From planned communities to rural towns to big cities, Maryland is a place for people who enjoy having active social lives and being part of a friendly and close-knit community. Retirees love Maryland’s quaint cities because they get the best of both worlds; a small-town vibe and safe community in close proximity to booming metropolis’ like Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Read on to find out the top-rated places to retire in Maryland.


Maryland’s capital city, famous for the U.S. Naval Academy, is an ideal place for retirees to live out their Golden Years. The friendly population of 39,500 is relatively small for a capital city and roughly 25% is over 55. Annapolis’ location on Chesapeake Bay is a huge draw for retirees looking to resettle in a scenic eastern seaboard city. If you’ve got (or you want) a boat, this is a great choice as the ocean is right in your backyard. There’s even a narrow waterway that winds through town that local boat owners love to cruise through. Annapolis takes advantage of its location by hosting weekly sailboat races and the largest and oldest sailboat show in the world. Naturally, seafood in Annapolis is excellent and residents love their official state food; blue crab. Fun Fact: Annapolis has more 18th-century brick buildings than any other city in the country.


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