9 Best Places in Kentucky for Retirees

If you’re thinking of moving somewhere new after you retire, consider checking out Kentucky. The Bluegrass State has tons to offer retirees, including a lower cost of living than many other states. Kentucky is also full of stunning parks and hiking trails that are perfect for retirees who love being outdoors. The state also has lots of music festivals, and many of its towns have booming art scenes. Throughout Kentucky, you’ll find small and larger towns that have tons of amenities that are perfect for retirees. These towns are also home to many other retirees, making it easy for you to make new friends. If you’re considering moving to Kentucky during your retirement, here are nine towns for you to check out.

1) Glasgow

The small town of Glasgow has tons to offer retirees. The city is home to beautiful Brigadoon State Nature Reserve, a preserve where you can go for hikes through the woods and around a creek. If you want to learn more about the history of Glasgow, you can spend time in the South-Central Kentucky Center. Or, if you’d like to take in a show or see a concert, head to the Plaza Theatre. Glasgow is also famous for hosting the Scottish Highland Games every year. This event is held in the summer, and it includes traditional competitions from the Highland Games in Scotland. There are also fun concerts at night and a ceilidh dance you can participate in. When you’re in Glasgow, you’ll always be able to find fun things to do.


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