9 Best Places in Connecticut For Retirees

Connecticut isn’t known for its low cost of living, but it makes up for it with its irresistible charming historic towns and natural beauty. In fact, most of the state’s wealth is concentrated in Fairfield County, an area most consider a New York City suburb. So, while the state averages on housing and general cost of living are high compared to the national average, there are certainly more budget-friendly options. We investigated the most affordable to the most affluent cities and found Connecticut is a surprisingly pleasant place to retire for those looking for a peaceful and safe environment with educated residents. Here are the 9 best places to retire in Connecticut.

*National average home price is $184,700.

1) Essex

This small town on the banks of the Connecticut River is a quaint and peaceful haven for retirees to relocate. Essex, with a population of 6,600 people, is a tight-knit community with many retired folks. The median age of residents is nearly 54, making this a welcoming place where older people can blend easily. Dubbed the ‘’Best Small Town in America’’, Essex has got a lot going for it: location, history, plenty of outdoor activities, and great access to healthcare. The Connecticut River Museum, complete with river boat tours, is the area’s most popular attraction. In fact, retirees can spend a relaxing day out on the water enjoying the beautiful landscape while simultaneously learning about the area’s rich history. The median home value is well above the national average at $336,600, but if you can afford it, Essex will welcome you with open arms.


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