9 Best Places in Colorado for Retirees


By Amanda Weiss

When you’ve been part of the work force for decades of your life, you’ll most likely want to find the best spot to enjoy your retirement. The state of Colorado is a fine choice for retiring because it has beautiful scenery, a strong economy, and plenty of activities available. Additionally, Colorado has relatively low taxes, as well as retirement income tax exemptions. Within the state itself, there are various towns and cities which offer different lifestyles while providing necessary resources for retirees. Whether city life or a relaxing retirement is in your future, you should consider your Colorado options. To help you out, here are the 9 best places in Colorado for retirees.

1) Boulder

If you’re a person who wants many activity options nearby, you should consider moving to Boulder for your retirement. The city of more than 100,000 residents has over 50 parks, a historic district for those who want to see the remnants of the past, the Rocky Mountains for hikers, and more. There are more than 50 golf courses and over a dozen ski resorts within a couple of hours drive. Since Boulder is a college town, there are cultural venues such as concert halls, dinner theatres, and museums. The city is also home to an annual Shakespeare Festival and a Bach Festival. Furthermore, there are many resources which will be helpful for seniors, including the Boulder Community Hospital and several housing communities for people 55 and older. Another plus is that the crime rate in Boulder is below the national average.


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