9 Best Places in Arizona For Retirees

Deciding where to retire is an important life choice, since it will dictate the resources and activities available to you as a senior. Depending on your financial means, interests, and lifestyle, different types of towns and cities will suit you best, so it often helps to find out a bit about the environments of various locations. Arizona is a great state to retire due to having warm weather, many senior living communities, and beautiful scenery. The state is also home to both bustling cities and slower-paced towns. Regardless of they visualize their retirement, Arizona retirees can find a place in Arizona that fits the bill. Here are 9 of the best places in Arizona for retirees.

1) Tucson

Retirees who are seeking out a place to settle that is rich in culture as well as having beautiful scenery may find their place in Tucson. Located in eastern Pima County, this city is home to over 500,000 residents. It is becoming a more popular retirement destination than ever before, and it has more than 25 retirement communities already in the city. Tucson is known for being a great area for the performing arts, as well as having galleries and museums. Some of the most appealing features of the city are the relatively low cost of living and affordable housing. For example, the median home price is under $200,000, and there are various options, including condos, mobile homes, and private houses. Tucson is also the location of the Saguaro National Park. For Arizona retirees, there are numerous golf courses and hiking trails, and the city has been ranked as a more walkable community than average.


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