9 Best Jobs In The United States

Which career you choose to pursue is not a decision to be taken lightly. Whichever path you choose will impact the rest of your life. Therefore, the decision should be given proper consideration. Most of us want jobs with a salary that can provide a decent life. After all, isn’t the point of working to put food on the table, a roof over our heads, and if we’re lucky, a little stash in the bank? Here are the best jobs that show the most promise, growth, and demand now and in the coming years. Let the job search begin!

1) Statistician

Data breakdown and analysis may seem dry and mundane to some, but its application is vital in many different fields. People with a knack for numbers can use their skills in areas like banking, marketing, sports, retail, environment, public safety, healthcare and more. Its versatility and demand are what gives it a number one rating. The anticipated demand for the position will grow 34% by 2024, and in 2016 the annual median salary was over $80,000. So, what exactly does a Statistician do? Basically, they use data to draw conclusions. They start with a question, decide what information they need to answer it, create an experiment, analyze the findings, and solve problems with numbers. This is something the world will only come to rely on more heavily as time goes on. The need for Statisticians will increase and those with these sought-after skills will become even more valuable.


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