9 Best Countries For Retirement


Moving to another country for retirement used to be associated with daring adventurers or extravagance. However, it’s becoming an increasingly more popular option more one key reason: affordability. There are some countries where your retirement money can go much further and allow you to live more comfortable lifestyle. This also allows you to spend less, while not giving up things that add to your retirement enjoyment. There are several countries where ex-pats are moving and connecting with each other, as well as becoming part of the local community. Here are the top nine places to retire for 2015.

1) Portugal: Algarve

This is the second year in a row for this region of Portugal to lead the list. Portugal boasts one of the lowest costs of living in Western Europe, 30% lower than any other country in the region on average. On a budget of $1,410 per month, a couple could live comfortably. Best of all, retirement income in Portugal is tax-free. The healthcare system nationwide is generally provided free of charge, although there are situations in which patients must make contributions. The property market is undervalued, which means that housing is far cheaper to buy at an average of $1,345 per square meter. Portugal is the 17th safest country in the world, which gives retirees one less worry. The weather is sunny 3,300 hours out of the year, which means Algarve receives more sunny days that most anywhere else in Europe and one of the most stable climates on the whole planet. English is widely spoken, and there are plenty of activities nearby (or visits to Europe are only a train ride away.


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