9 Best Cities In The World To Retire

Work hard, play hard. This mantra is what gets many Americans up and moving everyday. They know that the light at the end of the “work hard” tunnel is retirement. The question that puzzles them is “Where do I retire to?” Here is a list of the 9 best cities in the world to retire.

1) Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower and French cuisine are definitely two very inviting aspects to explore French life. But that is not what makes Paris a great place for prospective retirees to consider. While many believe that retiring to France, especially Paris, is the just too expensive, they need to keep in mind the off set in the cost of health care. Health care in France is socialized, so it is easily accessible to the masses, and it is much cheaper than it is in the states. France also boasts a double taxation treaty with the US. This means that Americans who live in France are exempt from taxes on passive income earned in the US. Tax breaks and health care are two great perks for Paris!


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