7 Ways Men Can Look Rich and Powerful When They Aren’t


Dressing for success is not difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It is a matter of thinking through your wardrobe and avoiding mistakes that you’ll look back on with embarrassment. By dressing for success, men can open up a great deal of opportunity. Well dressed men are more likely to be noticed and will gain a level of attention and respect they just wouldn’t get if they didn’t put just a little extra effort into their appearance.

Following are seven ways you can dress for success for any generation. Some may be so obvious you didn’t think about them. Others may surprise you until you give the idea some thought.

1) Dress for who you want to be

This is a common expression among many work places. Resume coaches and career counselors will emphasize this tip. However, few people actually take the time to follow the advice. Dressing for who you want to be does not mean wearing an Armani suit into the office every day. In fact, that may be a pretentious hindrance to keep you from reaching the next pay-level.

Dressing for who you want to be is more about dressing a step above others you work with. For example, if everyone wears jeans into the office, you should wear slacks or khakis. If everyone else wears t-shirts, then you should wear a long-sleeve button down.

It is as simple as being noted as a good dresser, but not dressing so well as to make others uncomfortable. One good way to put yourself in this mindset is to pick out a leader you want to emulate. Then put that person in your place, and ask yourself how they would dress. If Prince William was suddenly a data entry specialist, instead of the future King of England, he probably wouldn’t wear a t-shirt and jeans into work, nor would he wear an expensive suit. However, he is savvy enough to wear something politely stylish that falls somewhere in between.


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