9 Excuses Employees Use For Missing Work



When it comes to “getting out of work,” for some there is no excuse too big or small. According to the CDC (Center for Disease), on average an employee aged 18-64 will miss four days of work per year and since employee absentee is detrimental to a corporation’s bottom line, employees often come up with a wide variety of excuses for missing work.
When making the “oh, so dreadful” phone call into work, we have found the following five phony excuses to be of the most commonly used by employees:

1) In the hospital/Sick

A commonly used phony excuse, calling-in sick or in the hospital, when not, has been done by most every single employee at one time or another. Let’s face it, “I forgot to request time off of work for my best friend’s birthday celebration” isn’t going to cut it (nor would missing a party for the employee).


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