9 Highest Starting Salary Jobs With A 2 Year Degree

Claims Adjuster

Landing a reasonably good starting salary position with just a 2 year degree is not out of the realm of possibility, even in today’s highly competitive job market. In fact, options abound for getting on a career path with a decent paying job that will further your career while earning a 4 year degree later on. Think of a 2 year degree as key to an early start in an already chosen career path. Here is a list of positions that offer competitive salaries with only an associate degree.

1) Claims Adjuster

Reviewing claims that have been settled to make sure they comply with company policies may require that you work closely with legal counsel in making a final determination.

When considering this position as a career option you should keep in mind that it requires active listening and critical thinking. If you struggle with either of these, you may need to consider another career path. Starting salary: @ $50k.


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